Jillian Leigh Jewelry

We first discovered Jillian Leigh when co-founder Jillian Sheedy joined the Mad Team in 2020! Jillian and Velia started Jillian Leigh Jewelry in 2018 after Velia made custom bracelets for Jillian’s wedding. Together they’ve found a niche in the industry, creating simple and unique gold fill pieces. Their timeless designs paired with the quality of gold fill made Jillian Leigh a perfect match for Mad About Style. 

Gold fill jewelry achieves the quality and longevity of solid gold pieces at a more approachable price. As opposed to gold plated jewelry, gold fill has a much thicker layer of gold pressure bonded to the base metal. Where gold plated jewelry can easily scratch or tarnish, gold fill has 100x more gold alloy so the pieces can last a lifetime, if treated properly. 

All Jillian Leigh pieces are handmade in their Winnipeg studio. They source their materials from other North American artisans, thoughtfully supporting other small businesses. 

Jewelry Care Tips:

  • Store jewelry in a safe spot when not being worn to avoid damage. We love this jewelry box from Boes Ltd!
  • You can safely clean your jewelry with mild dish soap and warm water. Lay pieces on a towel to dry. 
  • Avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics.  

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