Self Care & January 2022 Themes.

Self Care & January 2022 Themes.

Keeping it real: we started this year with heavy hearts. It has been a long road these past couple of years, for all of us. When brainstorming for content we want to create and share, we think about what our team is enjoying on social media. During this challenging season, we’ve been most engaged with personal content that is focused on being positive and uplifting. That led us to our theme for the first couple months of 2022: caring. 

Having a theme always gets us feeling more excited and motivated for creating content, and this theme especially so. Caring for ourselves and others is what is getting us through these dark days! We started with self-care; sharing the different ways we take care of ourselves.

Another thing that we’ve been working on is lightening the load; whether that’s asking for help and delegating or swapping in convenient alternatives, it all helps make things a little easier. We are also talking about caring for others, because even the smallest of gestures like a thoughtful text or funny meme in your DMs can brighten your day and someone else’s. 

The secret to effective self-care is looking inward, and then carving out some time to dedicate to whatever it is you need. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint, so if that’s the case take a look at our self care suggestions and see what resonates with you:

  • Rest – spend some time cozy in bed or snuggled on the couch watching a favourite show, reading a book, or listening to a podcast. 
  • Body – give yourself some extra time for a bubble bath or an extra long shower. Take your time with your skin routine; try a face mask or do your nails. It’s amazing how your hygiene routine can become something special if you slow down and do it thoughtfully! 
  • Move – nothing restores the heart quite like getting it pumping! Whether it’s an in-person class, a YouTube video, or a quick walk around the block, you’ll be feeling better afterwards; we promise. 
  • Air – getting outside for anything at all is so magically restorative. Sure, it may be a bit of a polar plunge here these days, but even a quick brush with the unfiltered sun and air gets us feeling refreshed! 

Share your suggestions on how you’re caring for yourself and others, and share a little positivity today!

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