Ice Cycles in Winnipeg

As we approached the date of our annual Mad Team holiday party, we started to question whether going out for dinner was the best idea. The idea of cancelling was such a downer, so of course Nicola came up with an exciting alternate plan! 

Were we skeptical at first? Definitely! It has been COLD and we aren’t exactly an outdoorsy bunch. But you know what they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! We are all up for a good time, so when the forecast called for a day that wasn’t going to go below -20 we figured we’d go for it.

Ice Cycles in Winnipeg
Woman riding an ice cycle bike in Winnipeg

We cannot recommend Ice Cycles enough! Fresh air, time together, physical activity and laughter; who couldn’t use a little bit (or a lot!) of those?! While we did it as a large group of friends, it is also family friendly or would be such a good date idea. 

Ice Cycles in Winnipeg

The Ice Cycles are rented by Spark Rentals and they have pop-ups on the River Trail by Bonnycastle Park or Bourkevale Park. Be sure to check out their website or Instagram @icecycleswpg to see where you can find them each weekend and reserve ahead so you don’t miss out!

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