Mad Mission Statement!

Our team has recently started working through the Jilly Academy brand courses, and one of our first projects was to put our mission statement and goals as a team into words! This is something we will always be able to refer back to, and keep at the heart of our shop.

Our mission statement reflects the why of our business which is what keeps us motivated to improve every day!

To help clients find amazing items of clothing that allow them to feel they are the best, most authentic version of themselves. The Mad Team strives to get to know each Mad client and how they want to feel or how they want to express themselves with the way they dress.

Mad About Style strives to create a sense of community through building relationships and helping our clients to feel confident, empowered, supported and celebrated. Since day one we have said, “We want you to feel like you are shopping in your best friend’s closet.” We foster genuine relationships with our Mad clients based on trust, honesty and kindness.

Since 2010, relationships with our clients have been the foundation of our business. Building lasting relationships requires authenticity. When working with the Mad Team, clients and collaborators can trust that we are genuine and transparent. We share honest feedback in the fitting room and the stories of how our projects come to life. Whether being open about our shortcomings, what we are striving for, or not taking ourselves too seriously; we try to do it in an authentic way.

We strive to create a bright, positive environment, in both the atmosphere of our boutique and through the content we create online, that inspires and reflects our range of clients. Outlets for our creativity include:

– Creating digital content
– Styling: ourselves, clients, shoots and events.
– Designing and creating Mad Collection (our in-house Collection)
– Curating and merchandising Collections

No matter what we are diving into, we want to bring a positive attitude! Whether dealing with one another or our clients, we strive to interact with kindness and encouragement, lifting up those around us. In business and in life there are always bad days and it is easy for them to overwhelm and discourage. When faced with obstacles we try to hit pause and come back with a positive perspective.

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