How to Pack Outfits for your Summer Trip: Guest Blog by Tayer Fransisco

We are FINALLY at the point in Canada where we can safely travel, and I am SO excited to be going on my first trip since 2019!I’m going to be visiting Kelowna, BC and while I was packing I thought I would write a mini guide on how to pick and pack your outfits for your summer travels.

1. Dresses

 These are my favourite item to pack because they are super easy, comfy, and make you look put together with little effort. I also find it takes me less time to get dressed and decide what to wear because all I have to pick out are my bag, shoes, and jewelry to match.

2. Business Attire

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a couple business engagements or dinners where you’ll want to look a bit more put together. This outfit is super comfy, colorful for summer, but still professional.

3. A jumpsuit

Idk about you, but I ALWAYS feel like a boss in a jumpsuit. Plus they’re kinda the same vibe as a dress – just one piece that you don’t have to match with anything besides accessories!

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