Top Ten Blouses for Easter Weekend!

This Easter weekend is looking quite different than last years, and to be honest, it feels quite sad!! I think we’re all feeling disappointed that traditions and plans may have to change, and that’s totally fair!

It’s hard not to dwell on things in such a drastic break from routine. That’s why this week, we made it a team goal to try and focus on celebrating time with our families (even if the gatherings are much smaller than usual) and to soak in this slower pace of life.

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve made it a mini mission at Mad to continue to be that pop of colour in your insta feed or emails. Hopefully it’s something that can brighten your day <3

While we may not need to get totally gussied up this year, it’s always a mood lifter when you put on a cute outfit to take on the day! This is why we decided to highlight our top 10 tops to pair with denim! Cute, yet casual – that seems to be our motto these days.

The Top Ten

1. Floral Sketch Knot Blouse
2 .Polka Dot Fluff Blouse
3. Buttercup Peasant Blouse
4. Eyelet Babydoll Peplum
5. Yellow Eyelet Ruffle Tee
6. Eyelet Sleeve White Tee
7. Lace Peplum Blouse
8. Floral Peplum Blouse
9. Cotton Ruffle Tee
10. Sunflower Tie Tank

The keywords in this post seem to be; eyelet, peplum and ruffle. Very classic Mad – haha! But what’s great about each of these options is that they’re comfortable, and can be worn casually, but have sweet details that make your #ootd look more chic than it feels! Tap any photo to shop 🙂

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoy time at home, and maybe start a new tradition or two! Xo Mad Team

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