Mad Turns 10!!

TEN years!!

In true Nicola fashion, I’m writing this post the night before its set to go live. If I had written this last week it would’ve sounded a lot different. I’ve been trying to find the right words to put in to this post and I’m just not sure I know how to express the contrast of emotions surrounding the day.

To be honest, today is filled with a bit more fear than excitement! Fear because we have built an incredible business who employs twelve of the most amazing people. A team of women who have become family!  We have been introduced to the most amazing community of clients in Winnipeg and across Canada. The relationships we have established is irreplaceable. As many of you feel, the unknowns are scary. But today, I’m choosing to ignore the news and celebrate what this team has accomplished!! 

Our team sat down a couple weeks ago to discuss the stores goals, visions and dreams for 2020 (which we will be sharing shortly)!! Goal number one was to go back to basics! Back to the basics of what got us started ten years ago. Our main focus then and now was to create a space that was comfortable for people to shop in, a space where you could feel like you were shopping in your best friends closet. 

Now, more then ever I’m absolutely blown away by how far this community reaches. If anything has come out of this weeks events, it’s that I’ve been able to take a step back and really see the community that built us. When I think of that, and interact with you from a distance the fear slips away. 

There aren’t enough words to express how truly thankful I am for loving us, supporting us, and building us up over the last decade!! Mad About Style was a dream that turned into a career for myself and so many others. Because of you, we are able to do what we so passionately love to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

Even though we aren’t passing out bubbly to our amazing clients, friends & family we are toasting you from home!! The celebration will be so worth the wait!! 

Stay safe, stay healthy!! 

We love you!!! 

Stay tuned to our Instagram stories to take a trip down memory lane, what the shop initially looked like and for my Instagram takeover! 

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