What’s Next for MAD? Hello Mad Collection!

I am often asked “what’s next for MAD?” and I find this a tough question to answer.

Depending of the day, I may say “just get me to tomorrow” haha! One thing has remained in the back of my mind for years. I’ve always said that one day I would like to design and manufacture our very own collection. A collection that embodies everything that the MAD brand represents. Classic, staple pieces with pops of colour for everyday life.

A few months ago, our management team sat down for a monthly strategy meeting and the biggest topic to discuss was the 10 year anniversary!  What are we doing? Is it a fashion show? Is it a conference?

Steph, comes in hot right off the bat and says “I think we need to do the collection, it’s ten years…there is no better time than now to celebrate and create a collection for our client!!”

So after not a lot of discussion lol…the decision was made! We’re doing it. I’m beyond excited to finally share this secret we’ve been holding in. This Spring/Summer we will be launching our very own curated, designed and manufactured collection!! We are teaming up with Garmatech a local manufacturer to make this whole thing come together. 

This is where Robin comes in!

We’ve just shared with you our beautiful, custom REB x MAD floral! We are so so picky about the florals we bring into the shop. We don’t like anything too generic or cartoon-y. We knew from the get-go we couldn’t do this collection without an exclusive print, so we turned to my sister, Robin.

This collaboration is a shared dream, made real. Growing up, Robin would spend her time making things from textiles, and has always wanted to put her artwork onto fabric. I would use my mom’s old cheque books to play store. Fast forward a few decades, and now each of us owns and operates a business: a design studio and clothing store, respectively. Go figure!

With a dose of ambition, and perhaps a few brainstorming sessions over bubbly, REB x MAD came together to hand paint, design, and create this gorgeous floral print.

We have been filming this whole process to take you behind the scenes, and show the raw moments of one of the biggest things we’ve ever done. Chelsea has prepared a trailer to show you the beginning moment’s of this journey. Check it out below!

Xo Nicola

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  1. This is beyond exciting…especially for mama…..to have both her girls diving into this dream and making it a reality. I am the proudest of the proud. And BTW, the funnest part of my old chequebooks for you were stamping the backs of them. You’re going to need a very cool Mad stamp for all the cheque’s that’ll be pouring in from the success of this dream!! Let’s go girls!! Xoxo

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