Airport Dressing

Your airplane outfits solved!

Our most “Pinterested” question before a trip is for the perfect airplane outfit! It needs to be comfortable but still cute, especially when you’re hopping off the plane into warmer weather.

Maybe your plan is to hit the beach, or a cute dinner spot when you land and you want something that works from layover, to outing.

We love that our Resort Collection is bursting with bright colours, flowy dresses, and all things beachy. BUT is it really a complete collection without an outfit to get you there?! Didn’t think so.

Here are our airport dressing ideas!

Lemon Sienna Day Dress

This had to be the first feature, just because of the colour! Loving the sweet pastel yellow to brighten up your outfit. Wear with a denim jacket and slide for a feminine day look!

Layover Lounging Jumper

Soft jersey material and jogger inspired cut. This onesie is exactly what we want to be wearing, sipping a coffee and waiting for that flight!

Striped Tee Maxi Dress

The perfect tee, but in dress form! Wear this soft dress with a denim / leather jacket and a slide. Love that you have the option to knot the front of the dress as another look!

Lemon Light Knit Sweater

If you’re one of those people who likes to wear jeans on the plane (you look amazing, but I don’t understand how you ladies do it haha!) Pair your favourite denim with this light knit sweater. It’s a great packing piece for those cooler nights on your trip!

Airplane Ready Dress

This is a personal favourite. This comfortable tee dress is a great length, with slits for extra dimension. Love that it has a sleeve, sometimes it gets cold on planes!). Wear with a leather jacket and a converse sneaker!

Resort is LIVE ONLINE! If you’re heading to warmer weather this Holiday season, check it out here!

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