Kelowna Pop-Up


Our pop-up at the Little Modern Market in Kelowna has come and gone.

Sending a big thank you to Chelsea (aka. video creative mastermind) who turned our minimal footage into an excellent highlight reel!

It’s so funny to think about how much prep goes into pop-ups and how they’re over in the blink of an eye. We started planning for this trip back in May on our Summer buy. Searching for the perfect pieces that suited the Summer Nights theme, and represented our “mad style”. Then the product arrives and we get busy spray painting the racks gold, merchandising, sourcing props, florals, and all the little details that go into making our booth look like a mini Mad shop.

Since we’re only out for a weekend, we don’t have time to drive with our product. We’ve found that easiest way to transport it all is… hockey bags! I’m thinking we should get them monogrammed with the Mad logo to make it extra special haha!

Wow -the day was a blur. Set up at eight the morning rolled right into 10am. We were slammed from the minute the door opened for most of the morning! We didn’t even have time to take any stories to share with you at the time, we’re so thankful for all the support!!

Truth be told, I feel like we spent more time in transit than actually in Kelowna. It’s such a beautiful place – hopefully we can make our way back there soon!

If you’re a new follower, thanks for joining the Mad community! Our favourite part of popping up outside of Winnipeg is getting to meet some new faces and connect with more people!

So cheers! To a successful trip <3

Ps!! We’re heading to Brandon for our next pop up. More info to come- can’t wait!

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