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Summer Buy Recap & BTS

Summer is around the corner (hopefully the weather gets the memo). We’re starting to unpack, prep & organize all of the up-coming collections at the shop.

To be honest, the Summer buy feels like ages ago. We’ve had a busy month with the Summer transition launch on May 11 (such a bumpin’ day, thanks you guys)! Kelsey’s last shift before mat leave, amping up for Isabel’s wedding and starting all over again with sorting stock for Summer, Kelowna pop-up, and Pre-Fall!!

Thinking back, this buy was a good one, if I do say so myself.

Something we were looking for specifically was a blazer & shorts set. Before we left, we found In Style post of Meghan Markle wearing this amazing set! We found a couple of really cute options inspired by her look.

Loving the vibrant colours, bold florals, polka dots galore, smocking details, and of course, eyelet.

Every time we picked up a different eyelet blouse the conversation went; “Do we have too much eyelet going on?” and the answer was always “no- never too much”. The same goes for stripes and polka dots – those are staples here at Mad.

For some reason, each buy we seem to lack pieces in a specific category – whether it’s dresses, tops, prints, etc.

This time, we feel super balanced! Our tops to dresses ratio is amazing, and that almost never happens.

What we do need more of is some great solid pieces to balance out the amazing prints we have in the racks. Let me tell you, it is hard to merchandize all the different prints in a rack during the flip.

It’s still 3 weeks until Summer launch, so there is still time to fill in those gaps! Nicola spends a lot of time online looking for those pieces to beef up the collection. This time, she’s hunting for good basic pieces, solid colours, easy & casual day dresses. Stay tuned to instagram stories, she’s planning a be the buyer session to get your opinions!

For our Spring & Summer buys, we shoot our photos in L.A. because the weather is more fitting for the upcoming season than at home.

Shoot days can be super productive but they also are an added layer of stress to the trip.

This time, we were ambitious. We needed to accomplish shooting; Summer Transition pieces, white collection, our Mother’s day vlog, and a sneak peek vlog (coming soon) all on top of the new Summer collection we were buying for. That’s a lot riding on one day.

Things were running super smoothly in the morning – a little too smooth. We were waiting for the hiccup in the plans. It came when we rolled up to Santa Monica pier and proceeded to drop the car keys through a crack in the pier…. yes that happened.

Our new best friend, Eric, had to help us retrieve them from a locked compartment under the pier. Thankfully the tide was low and they weren’t gone forever!

After that debacle, we try to start shooting and it’s super windy and PACKED on the pier. The shots were not working out and we needed to reevaluate our initial vision. We got our groove back in Malibu, set up with cute umbrellas and beach views. We’ve done all of this with a baby before – so we can’t complain too much, this was a lot easier than it could’ve been!

All this to say, we’re super excited for our launch and this is your official save the date!

Saturday, June 15 is Summer Launch! We have some exciting ideas in the works to make it a special one, so stay tuned.

ps. email subscribers are always the first to know about when the collection goes live online!

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