Upcoming Goals for 2019

This January, the Mad team had a fire lit under our tails by the inspiring Jessica Janzen. At our recent Brand Ambassador Brunch (details coming soon to the blog), we were challenged to set big goals and start the work to achieve them asap!

There are a lot of exciting things on the go for Mad this year, and with that, it’s easy to get swept up in the busyness of life. We were glad to be reminded to take the time to set our intentions for the year to keep us mindful and on track to accomplish them!

Here are our top goals for 2019 that we want to share with you!

1. Get better, not bigger

This may seem contradictory for us! As a small business, we’re almost always pushing for growth. This year, we want to be mindful of quality over quantity. Our priority is not getting bigger for the sake of it, but creating sustainable growth and staying true to us and the brand as we work to expand Mad!

2. Grow our national community

As the boutique has grown over the years, we’ve so enjoyed getting to know & building relationships with all of our clients! This year, our goal is to expand that community and reach new women across Canada! We have multiple pop-ups booked this year and the team is working their way West! We can’t wait to make new connections and build new relationships.

3. Turning our weaknesses into strengths

Although we try our best, it’s not possible be good at everything! There’s lots that you can teach yourself, but don’t be afraid to learn new things and get educated! Take a class, do some research, or find a mentor.

Last year, we had the amazingly talented Mackenzie Dempsey come out to give us a crash course on photography, and shooting in manual. That experience has been invaluable to us with regards to content creation, it was 100% worth investing in!

This year, we’re hoping to grow our online shop! The e-commerce world is something our team knows very little about, so we’re already sourcing out our mentors to give us some insight in that area!

4. Creating a network of like-minded people

One of the many practical pieces of advice Jess gave was to create your own MasterMind group! Whether you’re in a creative slump, or the ideas are flowing, sharing it with other boss babes who are on the same page as you can be a game changer. Even a 20 minute conversation with other local business owners at brunch had us inspired and thinking outside the box.

5. Add self-care to your to-do list

Self-care is a hot topic right now, and yet it can be so easily overlooked in the daily hustle. If you’re like us, the time often slips away, so add it to your to-do list! This year, we hope to be more conscious of taking the time we need to recharge (plus the added bonus of checking something off the list). Spend more time with family, go out with friends, spend time alone and enjoy some slow days.

These are the goals on our mind lately! Comment below, have you set any 2019 goals?

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  1. Just “reading”these goals, I find it inspiring! So awesome to read this and I love every single point. The most important to me has always been “ quality over quantity”. It’s a win win every time. Good for you for nailing it on every level!! Mad girls…you are the bomb!

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