Mad Team Favourite Sweater: Styled 3 Ways

This week at Mad, we spent the Monday and Tuesday recovering from Black Friday craziness, but Nicola just picked up a shipment of goodies, and the girls are the hustling at the shop to get everything prepped for your weekend shopping trip.

While we were unpacking, we came across the sweater everyone on the team has been waiting for!! A cozy, marbled white turtleneck, that has been on Isabel and Stephanie’s wish list for the last month, has finally arrived!


You know when a certain piece is just calling your name, well this is it for us! The blog today is styling this must-have knit 3 ways because you’ll definitely want to be wearing it everyday!

On the go: Winter Edition

If you live in a snowy place like Winter-peg, your go-to outfit for an errands day or coffee date becomes a chin high turtle neck and winter boots!





At the Office

Dress up your favourite knits for work by french tucking them into a high waisted skirt. You’ll get more structure and shape by tucking it in a little. We’re loving this combination of textures with the leather skirt!





Out for Dinner

This is such a great day-to-night look. Pair your oversized knit with leather tights, a dressy boot, and a top layer and you’re ready to meet up for a dinner out!




We hope you love this sweater as much as we do! See you this weekend for new arrivals in store!


Click here to shop it online!




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