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This week, we have a guest blog! Jade, of @thishomeweown, is our newest and fave follow. After stumbling upon this gorgeous instagram feed, and discovering it’s curator is none other than Jade, a long time client of the shop, we were dying for a chance to collaborate. This week we’ve teamed up with her to talk about closet reorganization, using a couple of pieces from our Hibernation Collection that is set to launch Friday & Saturday (October 12-13).

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We like to think of Fall as a new beginning. A new school year, new activities, back to “normal” routines, and setting new goals. This transition period is a perfect opportunity to flip your cool, summer closet over to a cozy and warm fall closet.

Forewarning, this task involves cleaning, sorting, packing and unpacking. While this all may seem daunting, it will feel so good to have a nice, clean and functional closet as an end result – I promise! Plus, your clothes will last longer because they are properly taken care of, you basically get a whole new wardrobe (who doesn’t love re-discovering seasonal favourites), and you may get to treat yourself with a few new pieces your wardrobe is missing…mine was this gorgeous new blazer from none other than Mad About Style. If you’re ready to take the plunge, read on as we outline a step-by-step process on how to flip your closet.

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If you’re serious about flipping your wardrobe from season to season, you have to start fresh with a clean closet. Take all of your clothes, accessories, and shoes out of your closet. If you’re like me, you will find at least 20 hangers that have lost their home. Put those to the side as you wipe down the shelves and baseboards. This will help you to feel like you’re starting off on the right foot.

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1.Take a Summer Inventory

As each article of clothing comes out of your closet, start taking an inventory of your summer wardrobe. We find it helps to create three different piles: one for clothes that didn’t leave the closet throughout the summer or (dare I say) may no longer fit, a second pile for the clothes to be packed away for next season, and a third pile for clothes that can still be worn into the next season. For example, tanks can look great under a blazer or cardigan.

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While you’re creating an inventory, be realistic! If there are items in your closet you considered wearing this past summer, but never actually put on, it’s likely you’re not going to wear them next summer either- clear them out!

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  2. Storage

Find somewhere to put your off-season clothes. If you do have space in your closet, you can move your off-season clothes to the back or store them in bins on the top shelf. If space is an issue, we find under the bed storage boxes to be a great alternative, or store your bins in another room in your house – like the basement.

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Before you store, consider the current state of your clothes. Stains can become permanent through oxidization (thank you grade 12 chemistry!). This means that it is so important to clean your spring/summer clothes before storing them. As an added benefit, fresh, clean clothes will resist any bugs. This is what we were talking about when we said that flipping your closet helps protect your clothes!   

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3. Upgrade your Hangers

This might be the type A personality in me, but when I get rid of the old wire hangers or the mismatched hangers and upgrade them to all matching hangers, I feel more organized and my closet looks much more appealing. Plus, your clothes will thank you for it! I was reading a blog on what people in their late twenties should have accomplished and, surprisingly, having matching hangers was on that list!

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 4. Take a Fall Inventory

Now is the time to take out those bins you stored your Fall wardrobe in and start to unpack last year’s warm memories. Double check to see if anything is worn out and that you have pieces you will enjoy wearing throughout the season. I like to take my time unpacking my clothing and inspecting each item. While I unpack, I like to ask myself the following questions:

  • Is the item in my hand ready to wear as is?
    • Does it need a wash? Are there buttons missing? Is the hem coming loose?
  • Are there any gaps in my wardrobe for this upcoming season?
    • Do I have some cozy knits and warmer basics?
  • Are there any new accessories or pieces I’d like to add to my wardrobe to keep it fresh or work in a new trend?

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Once you’ve inspected and unpacked your fall clothes, load them into that sparkly clean closet and onto those fresh, new hangers. If you’re extremely organized and type A (insert hand raising emoji), you can colour coordinate your clothes to make morning dressing decisions that much easier.

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So, there you have it, a fall closet flip! I hope that when you open your newly organized, aesthetically pleasing Fall closet, it brings you joy and happiness. In six months, when you dig to the back of your closet for those summer clothes or unpack that neatly packed container, you are greeting a dear, old friend that’s bound to last another couple seasons!


-all cozy pieces set to launch in store this weekend! See you in store for a hot chocolate & espresso bar, and a chance to load up on cozy pieces to restock your, now gorgeous, closet-

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