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Hi, Sunayna here from House of Nayna! Have you ever seen an outfit on a mannequin, quickly thought to yourself, “I wish I could wear that, but it wouldn’t look good on me” and continued on your way without giving it a second thought? We have all been there.


Why is it that we so quickly judge ourselves and assume unless we are 5’11’’ and a size 0 it won’t look good on us? As a personal shopper here in Winnipeg, my mission is to make REAL women feel good about themselves by educating them on how to dress their body the way it is NOW.

To show you this, I’ve used some of the fantastic pieces from Mad About Style’s Fall Collection and let me tell you, it is EVERYTHING!


I took three lovely ladies (plus myself) who are all different body types, and styled us in the exact same top – a beautiful, sleeveless, knit top which is perfect for Fall (and beyond). I then used other pieces from the collection to finish each outfit. Not only are you about to see how four different women with different body types can wear the same thing, you will also see how one top can be worn multiple ways to create four entirely different looks!


The key is, when shopping, always keep in mind two simple words – PROPORTION and BALANCE. Let me explain.


For myself, I paired the gorgeous knit top with an equally gorgeous culotte style navy blue trouser with a paper bag waist. I absolutely love the navy blue. Since I consider it a neutral, not only does it go with everything, it’s different than your average black trouser.


Since I’m petite (I’m 5’1’’) I need to be careful about the width of the leg of the trouser, as well as the length. To be on the safer side, I wore a shoe with a bit of a heel to give me a little extra height to ensure that the width of the leg wouldn’t overwhelm me.


Proportionally speaking, adding just that little bit of height elongates my legs, therefore
balancing out the width of the trouser. The waist of the trouser also hits me at the perfect spot. Since paper bags pants tend to sit a bit higher, this also gives the illusion of longer legs, making me look taller than I actually am in real life! Yay!



Darci is a dear friend, intelligent – she’s busy fixing people’s teeth as a dentist, and not to mention gorgeous! Because Darci has height on her side, I paired the knit top with this lovely knit light grey pencil skirt. In terms of proportion, since Darci is on the taller side, she can wear this pencil skirt with a flat or with a heel. The top is such a beautiful colour – it’s got some purple as well as brown tones to it, and if you ask me, it’s a neutral.


We wore the top over the skirt, but we could have easily tucked it in as well. Another great feature about this top – the length is perfect, you can wear it either leave it out or tuck it


If the top were longer and she wore it over the skirt, the top would have hit her past her hips. The proportion would be off as it would make Darci’s bottom half look shorter than she actually is, making her look unbalanced. Remember, proportion and balance! We finished off her outfit by pairing it with this stunning camel coloured coat – a definite staple piece for any Fall wardrobe! Darci looks so chic!



I first met Jess when she hired me to take her on a personal shopping trip, and we had an absolute blast! Jess is currently a hard working nursing student, and can always be found out and about the city, keeping up with the latest restaurant, pop up event, or workshop!


For Jess, we paired our go to knit top with a trouser with a pattern that is so on trend for this Fall – plaid! Proportionally speaking, the lines of the plaid are the perfect width. If the plaid pattern had thicker lines, the pattern would have not only
overwhelmed Jess, but would have made her look shorter than she actually is.

Also, a wider pattern would have drawn attention to the hips. Since the pattern is thin, we are drawing attention to the elongation of the legs, therefore actually drawing attention away from the hips. Another great thing about the plaid – it’s a staple pattern, meaning it really doesn’t ever go out of style so you can wear this all year round and in the years to come!


To complete the outfit, I styled Jess with this adorable faux leather jacket. Look at the detailing on this – the peplum is so cute! Again, always think proportion and balance – the peplum of the jacket hits her at the perfect spot. Any lower and we would be making her hips look wider than they are. Jess looks amazing!



I met Christine through a mutual friend and I was instantly drawn to her humour and realness. Christine is a nurse at Cancer Care, and is a mom of three girls, ages 5 to 3 months old! She is definitely my hero.Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate how great she looks?


For Christine, we paired the knit top with a pair of classic high waisted black denim from Mad. As a mom myself, I get that your midsection isn’t always the most favourite thing in the world. That’s why high waisted jeans were created! A high waisted pant is great to smooth out the midsection. We then completed the outfit with this luxurious hunter green, suede bomber jacket.

I might sound like a broken record here but look at where the jacket hits Christine. Christine is on the petite end like me, so if the jacket were any longer, we would be cutting off her legs making her look shorter than she actually is. Again, this hunter green is a neutral to me – the options of wearing this jacket with different outfits is endless. Christine is one super stylin’ Mama!


Remember, completely different body types can wear the same thing as long as you keep in mind those two magic words, proportion and balance. Also, by thinking outside the box you can take one piece to create endless options and maximize your wardrobe. But most important of all, remember to always be kind to yourself.


If you need help, that’s why I’m here! So go on, conquer the Fall collection from Mad About Style now that you have the tools you need. The only problem is you are going to want everything! Happy shopping!



  1. I love the diversity of the models shapes and ethnicities! Great job MAD! And Sunayna thank you again for demonstrating how neutrals don’t always mean black, tan, grey and white! I’m so inspired. I love Christina’s look the most and will be in soon to grab that jacket! -Renee

  2. I love the top! You are right, I would have looked at it and thought I could never pull it off. Once again, you school me in fashion and make me wish I could go on a huge shopping spree! Fall fashion is my absolute favourite.

  3. This is great! A great looking bunch of ladies and some awesome advice! I, personally, have a hard time staying away from greys/blacks. Love the looks! Thank you

  4. Such great fall looks, Sonu. And awesome tips about proportion- i usually don’t think of that when choosing my outfits. 🙌🏽

  5. Love this post! Wearing (and rocking) pieces that compliment your shape are key! In my 30s I’ve stopped following trends and buy pieces that fit under what you mentioned (balance and proportion). I also follow a few people on IG that have a similar shape to me – if it looked good on them, I go buy it lol.

  6. Love this post! I’ve stopped following trends and now shop with the strategy you talked about. It’s all about finding pieces that hit you at all the right spots.

  7. Hello to all the familiar faces showcase in this blog post! And, a special shout out to my bff cancer-fighting bestie! Thanks for showcasing a lot of diversity (in so many ways…) in this blog post.

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