Fall Privé

Fall Privé: the calm before the storm that is the debut of the Fall 2018 Collection! We’ve just announced on Instagram that this exclusive evening of shopping, treats, bubbly & good company is in the works!

If you’ve been following along with us for the last year, you may remember our kick off to the Mad Brand Ambassador Campaign in January with the beautiful brunch hosted in the boutique!

Mad’s ambassadors represent the women who are at the core of the Mad Community. There’s such a wide variety of ages, personalities, sizes, and personal styles; but what they all have in common is they represent the “MAD Woman.” She’s a fabulous lady with a passion for fashion, and feel their best in pieces from Mad About Style. They share their #madstyle all the time! Whether it’s at a special event, on social media, or just in their everyday personal style.



It was just so fun that we’ve decided to host another event to celebrate the Mad Community! If you’re dying to become an ambassador, we want you to join us at Fall Privé and be the first to get your hands on the Fall 2018 Collection. Here’s how you can enter to win a spot on the guest list!

We’re taking our August tag Mad draw and turning it into an even bigger contest. Each time you post to social media and tag @madaboutstyle is an entry into the draw, and a chance to win a spot at Privé. Post as many times as you want, each post is a new ballot and another chance to win!

Can’t wait to see how you’re rocking your Mad style!

Reminder: If your account is private, screen shot your posts and send us a DM so we don’t miss your tags!


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