Play Ground Collection!

You know when you’re just really craving something super specific to add to your wardrobe? Well we do! This Summer we just really felt like our closets were lacking those ultra comfy, easy pieces like these brand new rompers & jumpsuits! Hence, Nicola went on a buying spree to help us all out!


“The playground collection!! This collection was born out of my need for an easy to wear romper or jumper on those hot days to the park or splash pad with Andi. I felt like this was something I lacked in my closet yet would wear all day, everyday! While buying this collection I kept nicknaming it the playground collection and the name kinda stuck. We are so excited to introduce these amazingly comfy pieces tomorrow in-store and online!”Nicola

What is your closet missing?? We’d love to know what mini collection you’d like to see going into the next season, leave us a comment below!

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  1. So excited to wear the grey jumpsuit around town doing errands. I’m all about easy dressing. I’m looking for a plain grey long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve off the shoulder blouse/top to mix in with my fall colored pants and skirts. Can’t wait to see what treasures you find on your buying trip!

  2. I would like to see more graphic tees in the store! Im a university student and thats what I would consider my ” playground ” attire for the time being lol. Love you guys!!!!

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