Style At Every Age: 30

This week, our feature is on the thirties! We feel like lots of our clients in their thirties are the ones who’ve been shopping with us for the longest and, in a way, followed the boutique as it’s grown up.  Although this is the age the shop is probably most known for, we couldn’t skip it, especially with Nicola celebrating her 30th just this year!


Kelly: 30, Lawyer.

How would you describe your personal style?

Outside of work, I like to be casual and comfortable. I feel like pretty classic, not too trendy.

When did you start shopping at Mad?

Well you will love this story, my best friend Nicola gave me a call and said she was opening a boutique and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life! I was so excited. I’ve been shopping ever since

Nicola: You worked on the grand opening! 

Really? I thought I just shopped! haha


What do you love most about shopping at Mad?

It’s fun to shop somewhere where you can get an honest opinion! There’s such a good selection and yet somewhat exclusive, like you know not 100 people are going to have the same thing as you! The pieces you’ll get are unique and cool. Plus everyone is so friendly and welcoming.


When you are shopping, what pieces do you look for?

I think it really depends on my mood and what is missing in my closet! Sometimes easy dresses that you can pull on and wear. Also always tops, for some reason I never have enough tops! I like a versatile shift dress for my body type, it’s easy to dress up and dress down.

Do you have a fave piece that is your go-to?

My favourite thing is whatever I most recently bought haha!


Rozeanna: 30, Pediatric Resident. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I think it’s feminine classic. I think to tend towards the classic pieces but spruce it up with feminine, soft details.

When did you start shopping at Mad?

Whenever Kelsey started working there! (about 5 years ago)

What do you love most about shopping at Mad?

I love that you can find unique items! You often get really nice one on one attention with the staff, it’s a more personalized shopping experience.


When you are shopping, what pieces do you look for?

Things that I can double duty use for everyday and work! Things to dress up or down. I typically dress up at work because even though I’m thirty I feel like people think I look like I’m twelve because I’m short, I try to dress myself up in a professional environment!

Do you have a fave Mad piece that is your go-to?

I think my all time favourite is something I’ve packed in my suitcase every single vacation. It’s just a black cotton maxi dress, that I don’t even remember when I bought it. I can dress is down with a jean jacket or dress it up with heels. My mom even made a comment that every vacation there is a photo of me in that dress!


How do you shop, what do you gravitate towards in the shop?

I find that because I’m short things don’t always fit the same way as on someone who is taller, I like to find cropped lengths. I also have more of a curvier body type, I like to find things that are more fitted, I find that in some shift styles, I get lost in them. I usually do separates or rompers.

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