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We’re debuting a new mini series on the blog! Over the next couple of weeks we will be featuring some of our fabulous clients; little interviews on why they shop with us, and what their personal style is! We really wanted to show case what a great variety of ages of women that rock their #madstyle on the daily. Our collections try to target lots of different audiences and Mad is for every woman!

We love getting to know our clients better and it’s always a treat to spend extra time with them which is another reason why we were so excited to do this photoshoot day!

This week we’re featuring our fierce fifty year olds!


Louise:  53, Psychotherapist (Isabel’s mom!!)

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is pretty eclectic! I’m at an age and stage where I like comfort, and classic looks. Things that mix & match well, with lots of trendy pieces to add a little punch! It’s a funny age to be in too, because you want to look your age, and be professional but still have fun with it!

When did you start shopping at Mad?

I think I started shopping at Mad shortly after you opened, it’s interesting because Isabel and I both knew about Mad before she started working there! I discovered you because of the Starbucks and just popping in! (ps. Louise was the one who told Isabel she really HAD to apply at Mad when they were hiring 2 years ago, thank goodness she did).

What do you love most about shopping at Mad?

I don’t go to too many boutiques other than Mad, what I love about Mad is that it’s got such a relaxed feel to it! Sometimes as a mature-ish woman you sometimes get a bit of attitude going into other boutiques but Mad is always so welcoming and the clothing can really accommodate a wide range of ages and sizes! It’s easy!


When you are shopping, what pieces do you look for?

Mostly casual pieces, a good pair of jeans and tops to mix and match. And I do have quite a few blouse and tunic tops that I can wear to work with heels/booties! I love that you can style the pieces at Mad casual and dressy which is great, you don’t need 2 separate closets!

Do you have a fave piece that are your go-to?

My just black jeans! I can dress them up and wear them to work, or just with a t-shirt casually! As well as my “wilson” booties.


How do you shop, what do you gravitate towards in the shop?

First, I like to shop by colour! I usually gravitate to neutrals but every once and a while a pop of colour catches my eye! Then I look at it an decide if it’s something that would work for me, or not!  I try not to limit myself to styles based on my age or body type!

Any style tips you’d like to share?

Have confidence in yourself, stick to pieces you love and challenge yourself to try new things and wear them with confidence, because that is what makes people beautiful!


Terry: 53, Works at Stoney Mountain Institution 

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style started out very casual, now I find I’m more upscale casual after coming to Mad with my daughter regularly! I can’t wear dresses at work so I like the more casual options I can find at Mad.

When did you start shopping at Mad?

I’ve been shopping at Mad for probably 7 years, I first came in with my daughter looking for a dress and accessories for her to wear to her wedding social! We saw you [Nicola] on Breakfast Television and decided we had to come in to see you. We’ve felt welcomed since the very first day!


What do you love most about shopping at Mad?

This is my very first boutique experience, what I love about it is the people! I didn’t think I could ever wear things from here and that it was only for younger people. The more we would go, the more I saw that pieces worked for me! I love the people really, it feels like family at this point.

When you are shopping, what pieces do you look for?

I like flowy tops! The peplum style is awesome for me and they always come in so many great colours (purple is my favourite).


Do you have a fave piece that are your go-to?

I was going to wear it today, but opted for something new haha! For Mother’s day I got a romper that was white with blue accents, it’s jersey material and I wear it everywhere.

How do you shop, what do you gravitate towards in the shop?

I like to try things on! You never know what might surprise you and look good even if it’s not what you might typically pick! I used to be really caught up in body image, but now that I’m older I realized that I need to embrace my curves and who I am! What you bring in looks great on tiny people and or not, you have to find pieces that look flattering on you, don’t be afraid to come out of the room when it looks great!


Thanks so much Louise & Terry for sharing your Mad Experience with us! We so appreciate your support and hearing your style tips! Stay tuned for the next post; the lovely ladies in their forties!


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