Andi’s First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day naturally holds a special place in my heart. My mom and I have always had a close relationship and now I’m building that foundation with my little girl. 


This will be my first Mother’s Day with Andi and I have to say the day holds a whole new meaning! As I’m sure all you moms can agree, I’ve never done something more challenging & yet so rewarding as raising Andi.



Even though I haven’t been able to take the year off to soak up every second with our little girl, we do it in our own way. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to bring her along to work & on buying trips. Yes, the challenges are there but the experiences are like none other. 


I have always dreamt of going to flower fields….I didn’t care where, I knew I just needed to go. As I said to the girls as we were making the trek up to Carlsbad, “I just love flowers!” A part of me thinks it stems from the days of walking to the neighbourhood church with my mom and the wagon to pick up ‘Nikki’s Pansies’. We would do this at the beginning of every season and it’s one of my fondest memories. My love affair with flowers has never ended but my green thumb has not improved! I’ve been so looking forward to creating these same moments with Andi. I think Andi’s love for flowers is growing!



It was truly a dream to be standing amongst rows of stunning blooming flowers with my girly in tow at the flower fields in Carlsbad, California. Andi was in her glory grabbing every flower she could and pulling them apart. Every time the vintage tractor wagon rolled by she made sure to wave! I just love this stage. She’s so interactive and LOVES to explore and I can’t get enough of watching her experience things for the first time. 

What are your favourite moments with your mom? I know, it’s so hard to pick just one! 

Happy Mother’s day!! 



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  1. Beautiful blog Nicola, we have so many special memories, too many to count that I will cherish forever. Now you get to start making your own memories. Every time you walk into the room Andis face lights up! …..and my heart bursts. ❤️

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