Mad Local Love: The Cheesemongers Fromagerie

Being a women’s clothing boutique it made sense when we started a blog to have lots of posts that focus on fashion; what to wear and how to style it! But starting the blog has also been about creating a sense of community and connection. With that, we have been working on a variety of different posts that go beyond fashion basics and touch on other interests of the Mad About Style team!
This post kicks off an exciting new series of features that we like to call Mad Local Love. Pretty self explanatory, these posts feature fantastic local places that we love! Whether you’re a local or global follower we hope you’ll discover something new about Winnipeg and get to know us a bit better through these posts.
For our first Local Love we wanted to feature something that was really exciting to us. The team hasn’t stopped talking about the Cheesemongers Fromagerie since it opened! We are all lovers of cheese; Nicola should be buying parmesan by the wheel and even Isabel, who is lactose intolerant, loves it! It was an easy decision to have the brand new cheese shop be our first feature.
The Cheesemongers Fromagerie is the most lovely cheese shop that recently opened on Corydon Avenue here in Winnipeg. Courtney and Meg who co-own the shop, along with their welcoming and knowledgable staff, are passionate about cheese and helping their customers enjoy it! During our visit they made us a tasting plate of three cheeses and it was amazing how much Courtney could say about the cheese; the process through which it is made, where each comes from and the different flavours within each one. It was similar to a wine tasting; is it any surprise cheese + wine go perfectly together?!


The shop is much more than just a stop before you assemble a charcuterie board, although their team is sure to help take yours to the next level! Their pantry is stocked with fantastic local honey, preserves, and crackers and you’ll also find the most beautifully curated collection of books and homewares. We fell in love with these gold measuring cups! Whether it is a gift for yourself or a hostess, you’ll certainly come away with more than just cheese.
And not to be cheesy, but how awesome is it to have new types of storefronts opening and enhancing our neighbourhoods, run and supported by an amazing team of women! Courtney and Meg are nothing short of inspiring, taking a chance and making their dreams come true while also having young families at home. The Cheesemongers team is so welcoming, we really encourage Winnipeggers to stop by and meet them! You’ll leave with a brand new appreciation for cheese and a new favourite stop on the Corydon strip.
What do you think of our local love feature? Any great spots we need to check out? Let us know in the comments below!
Anyone else ready for a grilled cheese now?!

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