April [ Bridal ] Showers

It’s wedding season! This post goes out to all the ladies getting married this Summer! Now that we’re in April, the events & shower planning are in full swing which is the perfect excuse to stock up on some all white ensembles! Whatever look you go for, all eyes will be on you (as they should be, congratulations!)

This Whiteout at Mad About Style comes at the perfect time for the second Winnipeg Jets play off game!

A touch of floral to this romantic, shift style dress. The floaty chiffon and tiered cut is super flattering!





Lace is a great go-to for brides! This length is such a great option for a little bit more coverage!


Can’t you picture this romper taking off with you to a destination wedding? We love how versatile this piece is.



Lovely location credit to Lacoste Garden Centre, thanks for hosting our Winnipeg Whiteout!

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