Guest Blogger: Arylnn Jayne of August Lace

I’m so excited to be taking over the Mad blog today to share some of my current favourite Spring Transition pieces from Mad About Style! After having my baby boy in October and no longer being forced to wear maternity clothes, I have been eager to start shopping for some new pieces to dress my post baby body. Since I am currently on maternity leave, a lot of my time is spent either at home with my kids, running errands, or heading out the door to preschool, play dates or activities. The pieces I choose have to be functional for my day-to-day mom activities, but most importantly comfortable!
I discovered Mad About Style many years ago when they first opened. One of my best friends started to work there and instantly sold me on the amazing pieces they carry. I love that they offer a mix of both casual and dressier items that fit into my lifestyle. Being able to shop at a one off store rather than in a mall is always appealing and being able to support anyone local is always a great thing!
There’s something about Spring and the introduction of lighter weight items that gets me extra excited about shopping! Living in a colder climate like Winnipeg, we unfortunately have to deal with snow a little longer than other places. Finding pieces that can be layered to help transition into the warmer months but are still fresh for Spring are key!
This moto jacket is a perfect example of that. It’s super soft and stretchy and is made of a fleece knit material. The stretch allows me to easily pick up my kids, get the stroller out of the car and move around freely but still provides a more structured look, which is ideal for when we head out of the house to meet up with friends. It comes in this blush colour as well as in charcoal and heather grey; it’s lightweight and will be a great item to wear over a t-shirt or a blouse in the next few months!
If you follow my blog August Lace, you know that I am always drawn to anything with lace and eyelet details. This dramatic flutter sleeve with eyelet detailing was no exception! It comes in white and also a beautiful light pink. I love that it’s also made of a super soft, fleece knit material and has some stretch in it just like the moto jacket does. It combines a basic tee with something extra and is great for my everyday mom activities!
I’ve known about Mad’s Yoga Jeans for a long time and even bought them for a family member as a gift once but I’ve never taken the time to try them on myself. Kelsey, who is Mad’s Store Director, suggested I give them a try and I’m so happy she did! They are Canadian made and based out of Montreal. The style I’m wearing are the Rachel cut in the medium Eytan wash. Not only are they once again soft and stretchy (are you seeing a theme here? ;)) but they are also incredibly comfortable. I am typically a big fan of instantly putting on sweats the minute I get home but with these jeans I feel like I’m already wearing some! They don’t stretch out or lose their shape and instead mould to your body in the perfect way.
Another detail I love is ruffles. I consider myself a girlie girl and there’s something so feminine about a ruffle trim or detail. It’s a simple design but adds so much to a piece. This long sleeve top is exactly that, long sleeve which is great on its own for Spring but is also thin, making it not too heavy to pair with a thin jacket as the snow starts to melt. This piece only comes in this light grey colour.
These are some of my current favourites from the Mad Spring transition line which is helping me feel fresh and excited as we all wait for the snow to melt!
Thank you to Arlynn for being a guest on our blog! We love hearing how she makes #momlife style comfortable, put together & chic! Check out her blog August Lace!
Photo Credit to Belin Rodikli Photography

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