Nicola’s Family Vacay


After two weeks soaking up the sun & sand we are home from the most epic family vacation. I’ve received lots of questions about travelling with Andi so i’m jumping on the blog to tell you all about it.

This trip could not have come at a better time. After the craziness of the holiday season we were craving some one on one family bonding time. We couldn’t wait to soak up as much of our little girl as possible and really dive in as a family of three.

The Big Island of Hawaii has a special place in our heart and it was so amazing to see it through Andi’s eyes. She was living the dream!


IMG_1475 2

Our morning ritual started with coffee in hand followed by whale watching and breakfast! My favourite part of Hawaii this time of year is the endless amount of whale sightings. My eyes never leave the horizon, i’m constantly scanning for blow holes and breaches while Ryan sits eagerly with his binoculars. Nerds…I know!! After that we’d load up the stroller and head back to the beach. Andi ate pretty much the entire beach but loved every minute of it. It was so fun to see her discover the sand and water! We spent most of our day splashing in the ocean & catching sand before it hit her mouth.





We went in search of spinner dolphins one morning at Kealakekua Bay. Something we had heard from the locals was the best place to snorkel and if your lucky you may get the chance to swim with dolphins ( dream world!). Unfortunately the dolphins didn’t show up that day but it was still one of our most amazing excursions. I was totally terrified…a kayak, a baby, in the middle of the ocean…yikes! But it was incredible and Andi did so well. We kayaked for about half an hour to get to the captain cook monument. Ryan jumped in for some of the best snorkelling he’s ever seen while the girls watched the fish from the boat.

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There’s nothing like a hawaiian sunset but travelling with a baby meant we didn’t take in quite as many as we’d like. But we made up for it with two incredible sunset catamaran tours. Both of which we ended up parking the boat and watching the whale show of our life. Andi loved playing on the trampoline and even found it quite amusing to feed the whales some cucumber.



This time away was exactly what the three of us needed. Endless amounts of kisses, snuggly naps on the beach and giggles from our girl left our hearts completely full. I already want to go back to those carefree days of just us!

– Nicola

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