Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day

Happy Love Day, friends! Whether you’re celebrating Valentines or Gal-entines day, it’s a great opportunity to show some love & appreciation to the special people in your lives!

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There’s often super high expectations placed on the day, and it can be hard to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank. We have a few sweet & simple suggestions for those thoughtful little gifts that show you’re thinking of them without spending too much!


  1. Cozy Sweaters (in store today!!)
  2. Kimono, this is something that can be worn in day time, or can be worn as an accessory to lingerie… 😉
  3. Heart Print S’well
  4. Coal & Canary Candle, they have a new collection for Valentine’s Day! coming soon to Mad!
  5. Scrunchie, Every girl’s essential. Chelsea King sells luxury quality, locally handmade scrunchies in so many fun colours.
  6. Home accents, a cozy pillow from Indigo!


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If you’re thinking something home-made, a great way to spoil someone is breakfast in bed! We’re all about eating candy in bed any day of the year, but it’s waaay more acceptable on Valentine’s Day. 

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