New Year, New Blog

Welcome to! The newest addition to our repertoire of social media for the 2018! Read on to see some features of our previous blogs and what our plans are for the future!

As the boutique has grown over the last 8 years (!!), we’ve loved having the opportunity to form relationships with clients in our home town of Winnipeg! After we launched our online store and built up our Instagram presence, we were missing the personal connection with all the lovely ladies who follow & shop with us from afar!




We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring the Mad Experience┬áto life in the online world & to share with you what’s going on with #madteam. Building a new blog from the ground up has been a bit more challenging than anticipated! We love creating content, it’s more in our wheel house to style photos and outfits, etc. The actual web design on the other hand, was a task and a half, achieved half by clicking on every button (multiple times) and the other half with the help of google.


We’re happy to announce that it is finally up and running!┬áThere are so many options for content in the blogging world, some of our go-to posts include #bts of our photoshoots and new collections, family life within the team, and events that we are a part of!

We have lots of fun ideas for 2018, but we would love to hear from you! What are your favourite kinds of posts to read? Why do you follow us? What would you like to see from us this year? Leave us a comment or send us a DM to let us know!

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