Lounging Ladies

MadAboutStyle-80Sometimes all you need is a weekend away with the girls & their babes. Pyjamas all day, never ending supply of coffee (or mimosas), treats & quality time with the ladies is a great cure for the winter blues.

Our fave mammas took a road trip down to Thistle Lane Guesthouse Bed & Breakfast to shoot our newest and coziest line of loungewear with the amazing Mackenzie (@mackenziejanephotography). We arrived at the most adorable guesthouse, greeted by friendly pets and a picturesque view; and snuggled onto cozy beds. It would be the easiest modelling job ever if there weren’t 3 squirming babies to keep from rolling off the beds!








We’re loving the soft purples and pinks, cute patterns and all around coziness. Shop our collection online or in-store! If you’re looking for some pjs like ours to style your little one in, check out Bump Maternity Boutique!

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